Missouri’s West Plains Housing Authority Launches Modernization Project with Johnson Controls, Generating Nearly $200,000 in Annual Savings

The West Plains Housing Authority (WPHA) in Missouri has partnered with Johnson Controls to launch a comprehensive modernization project aimed at enhancing 273 low-income housing units, including 101 single-family and duplex units along with two apartment towers. This initiative, supported by multiple funding sources and requiring no initial capital investment, aims to achieve a 32% reduction in carbon emissions and a 40% decrease in water consumption. Projected savings are estimated to approach nearly $200,000 annually, offering significant benefits to taxpayers, residents and the community.

Scheduled to commence construction in fall 2024, the project aims to provide residents with upgraded and more comfortable living spaces. Key upgrades encompass:

– Energy Efficiency Enhancements: Upgrading and replacing outdated HVAC units with heat pump heating and cooling systems, UV- reflecting window film, water-saving fixtures, low-flow toilets and LED lighting.

– Infrastructure Improvements: Installing floor-by-floor isolation valves to make building maintenance easier and less disruptive for residents.

– New HVAC Installations: Adding new heat pump heating and cooling systems in duplexes and single-family homes without existing systems.

“This project showcases the substantial benefits that simple energy efficiency upgrades can bring, benefiting not only the bottom line but also residents, building owners, and our environment,” said Julie Brandt, president, Building Solutions North America, Johnson Controls. “Energy efficiency upgrades at any facility, whether it’s a rural multi-family housing complex or a city skyscraper, yield dividends by reducing costs and enhancing environments, transforming the places where we work and live.”

Johnson Controls facilitated WPHA in securing funding from multiple sources, including grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), grants and rebates from the Inflation Reduction Act, utility savings from the Small Rural Frozen Rolling Base Program (SR-FRB) and a low-interest loan from a Green Fund lending program.

“This project exemplifies how small, rural public housing authorities can overcome financial barriers to provide comfortable and energy-efficient homes for their residents,” said Mandy Pitts, executive director of the West Plains Housing Authority. “Knowing what resources are out there and how to get them is half the battle, and Johnson Controls played a critical role in identifying these opportunities. As a result, WPHA is taking significant steps to improve living conditions for senior citizens, physically challenged individuals and struggling families in our community. This initiative showcases how sustainable upgrades can transform public housing and benefit entire communities.”