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West Plains Housing Authority

Providing Safe and Affordable Housing

Attention: The waiting lists for Public Housing and Section 8 are open, with an approximate wait
of 6 to 8 months for assistance.

Our Housing

We offer a variety of affordable residential solutions for individuals and families seeking safe and comfortable housing regardless of their financial circumstances.

Our Board

The board meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Open portions of the meeting may be attended by interested patrons.

Resident Information

To view our monthly newsletters or calendar for more information about the residential community, please check for them in the menu above.

About Us

The aim of the West Plains Housing Authority is to provide safe and affordable housing to low-income households.  Established in 1968, the WPHA has a strong history of providing housing opportunities within the city limits of West Plains, MO.  All applicants must fall below set income limits, which are updated annually.  We strive to reach our goals through our dedicated staff, which is the heart of our agency.  The WPHA offers 273 Public Housing units, and a Section 8 Rental Assistance program capable of assisting up to 205 households.  Applicants may choose to be added to the waiting lists for both programs.  Funding for the WPHA is provided through HUD’s operating subsidy, housing assistance payments, and the capital fund program. Tenant rent collected from public housing units and grant opportunities are other sources of funding.


August 13, 2024 | Board Meeting